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Yes, it is (Yii) is a free open-source Web Application Development Framework that originates from PHP5. Known for its optimized performance, it gains the edge over other PHP Frameworks.

Interestingly, Yii is referred to as the fastest PHP framework – the very reason why most the Web 2.0 applications are developed in this framework. This elite framework is particularly helpful for the development of high traffic platforms such as forums, portals, social networking sites, popular blogs, etc.

Yii is packed with various significant features such as DAO, MVC, authentication, caching, testing, and others. These features, when combined with AJAX based widgets, make YII an extremely valuable web development framework.

Salient Features of Yii:

  • Secure platform
  • Optimized and impressive performance
  • Best caching features
  • Easy to extend and customize
  • Friendly with third party code
  • Scalable, robust, efficient, and maintainable
  • Easy error handling
  • Easy to configure
  • Packed with ajax enabled widgets, and many more.

ConceptbSol – The Best Yii Development Company:

ConceptbSol is one of the best Yii development company out there. In a very short period of time, we have developed different Yii based applications such as Yii CMS, Yii SEO, Yii e-commerce, Yii blog, and Yii extension, etc.

We provide the latest, inventive and competent Yii Development services to our clients. We have skilled and qualified Yii Developers who professionally create Yii Web Applications according to the given requirements. We utilize different approaches to meet your business prerequisites. We are committed to providing a sky driven approach for you to achieve flourishing outcomes in your business.

Our team is highly specialized in technical skills such as Model View Controller (MVC) design patterns, Complex WSDL service, Database Access Object, and others. By cooperating with a Yii development organization like ConceptbSol for your web development venture, you will get the chance to appreciate various unique features of Yii, some of which are listed above.

Looking to give your business a web application that everyone would love? Contact us for our PHP Yii development services and we will serve your requirements.


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