About Open Source

Open Source programming became mainstream because of the public availability of source code. This means that anyone with a bit of programming knowledge can study, change, or structure the code around their personal needs. Open Source customization process is unstructured and causes a few troubles due to the big amount of components, so only expert programmers can help with making dependable software applications. Customers acknowledge ConceptbSol Open Source customization services because of the high proficiency. Our services provide enhanced business solutions and help clients to avoid pitfalls.

We provide Open Source services for software customization and integration. We focus on freeware/open source component integration, portals, web development solutions, content management system customization, design integration, modules development, Open Source project management and modifications, and so forth. We perform Open Source software integration with Windows, Oracle, DB2, and Linux.

Our work specialization covers source optimization and security improvement for open source components.

Open Source Services We Provide:

  • Open Source software integration with Linux, Windows, and other major operating systems
  • Open Source customization
  • New features development
  • Design integration
  • Migration to other platforms
  • Maintenance and support
  • Open Source software management

Benefits For Customers:

  • Robust software development
  • High development speed and cost-efficient project due to availability of source code
  • Long-term customer support and software updating services

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