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Having a business portfolio is one of the primary aspects to boost your online presence. A study done by Forbes demonstrates that online portfolio is the most effective tool when it comes to impressing a hiring manager. According to this study, around 56% hiring managers prefer candidates with an online portfolio over those with other personal branding tools.

If you are on the hunt of finding that dream job at your favorite company, it’s about time you set up an online portfolio.

Here is what an online portfolio can do for your career development:

Increased Visibility:

Your pursuit of employment is tied in with showcasing yourself, getting your name out there, and getting to be known. The resume, cover letter, and networking are the tools that enable a job seeker to accomplish this tasks. However, having a portfolio is much more effective than all the other job application materials combined. It increases your online visibility and hiring managers find it easier to have a look at your previous projects in order to determine your ability.

Adds Value To Job Application:

An online portfolio allows you to market yourself with greater freedom. It provides you with a platform to put forth material that does not go on your resume or cover letter. You can include videos, photos, links, and other work samples to it to make your job application more valuable.

Keeps Your Documents Organized:

It's helpful to have all your job credentials and documents sorted out in a single place. Whenever somebody requests a duplicate of your latest resume, all the job materials and data you may need will be accessible on the web and from any PC. It can also fill in as a backup for these materials in the event that something happens to the originals.

Why Choose ConceptbSol For The Development Of Your Portfolio Site?

ConceptbSol’ portfolio service offerings are one of the best around. Our experts enable you to quickly showcase your work and include features that you desire such as flexible customization, elegant layouts, responsive design, etc. Moreover, we have over 8 years of working experience with large and small scale organizations. We know exactly what are the essential ingredients that your portfolio requires to impress hiring managers.

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