Magento Upgrading Service

Upgrading Magento is an extremely complex process, and may take quite an amount of resources and time. In order for it to go perfectly fine, you will need a team of seasoned Magento developers with the required expertise to deal with the issues that may arise during the process. ConceptbSol provides you exactly that!

Our team of Magento developers is well-experiences. It has successfully completed numerous migrations from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and is thoroughly capable of doing the upgrading of your Magento store.

Why Upgrade Magento?

  • The newer version has numerous new features and is free of glitches
  • The older version may face some problems while integrating the latest updates of Magento extensions and themes
  • The older version has security loopholes which makes it extremely vulnerable to hacking attacks, trying to steal your credit card or cause other financial losses. New Magento store provides much-required security cover
  • Newer version is more user-friendly, offers incredible frontend themes and a seamless backend experience

We at ConceptbSol Upgrade Your Magento Store by:

  • Creating a backup of your current store
  • Making a list of major customizations on your store
  • Developing a test store on your/our server
  • Upgrading your Magento store to the latest version
  • Testing the store for any glitches and fixing them
  • Launching the new upgraded store live
  • Rectifying the issues while upgrading

Why Hire Us?

Magento is rich with customizable features, and our team of Magento developers can proficiently design, redesign, customize, integrate, and build you perfectly functioning e-store. Let’s join hands and take your business to the next level; together.

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